About Princess Nyssa

I am currently a senior in college, looking forward to my December graduation. My major is English with an emphasis in professional writing (which means I am super versatile, future employers you know you want me). I have long loved reading and young adult books are my favorites to read.

In my life I have read thousands of books, the majority being in this genre. I am hoping that I can use this blog to introduce others to the many good books that I have enjoyed over the years.

Currently this blog is an assignment for one of my classes but I plan on continuing it beyond my college experience. I chose this subject because it is something I am passionate about. I hope that will show in my posts.

For those of you wondering where the name Nyssa came from; blame my parents. In the 80’s when I was born there was a show called Dr. Who about a time traveling man called simply “The Doctor” and his traveling companions. One of these companions was a curly-haired princess named Nyssa (which also explains my user name).

Nyssa in Doctor Who

My parents liked this name and perhaps dreamed of their own curly-haired daughter. One thing this interesting name did do was create a unique name that I have chosen to go by in adulthood due to the plethora of Alyssas (and its variations) there are in the world.

My parents love of scifi/fantasy things was passed down to me in more than my name. I even watch the new version of Doctor Who along with Star Trek and just about anything fantasy.

So that is me or at least the piece of me that is important to this blog. Keep watching this section, there may be more to come. 🙂

(PS I love emoticons but I will try to use them sparingly)


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